Arch Linux Install.

Use the following steps to run Tuxemon on Arch Linux from source:


1. Run the following commands to install Tuxemon's dependencies:
sudo pacman -S python2 python2-pygame python2-pip python2-imaging python2-six python2-netifaces git
sudo pip install pytmx
sudo pip install neteria

2. Download the latest development version of Tuxemon here and extract the archive to a folder.

3. Run the game by running python2 from a terminal.


As of December 2015 the following instruction have been tested, thus considered valid. In case of any problem, please contact the maintainer(s) of the AUR package(s), as it isn't officially maintained by Tuxemon developers.

There isn't any AUR package to install stable version of Tuxemon. Use the following steps to install Tuxemon from GIT on Arch Linux using an AUR package, instead:

1. Install tuxemon-git with its dependencies with your AUR helper

2. Run the game by running python2 /usr/share/tuxemon/

Arch Linux Install